About this blog

For the last few years, I have often, and with increasing regularity, posted links on my Facebook page along with a line or two iterating the immediate thought that crossed my mind when I read an interesting article, looked at a moving picture, watched a hilarious video, and so on. Sometimes, I have more to say than can be articulated in just a line. And sometimes, I want to encourage discussion, receive feedback, and be provoked to thought.

This blog marks the divergence from my Facebook postings. Though the subject will still encompass current events, politics, pop culture and web articles, the execution will be in the style of an op-ed piece, rather than a tagline or teaser. There will hopefully be articles to make you laugh as often as there are ones to cause worry. There will definitely be enough fodder for the cannon which causes ideas to explode onto the page for years to come.

So with the intent to provide some comestibles for contemplation once a week, I began with an article which a friend of mine from the University of Oxford sent me for consideration.


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